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  • 26/09/2016
    9 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor

    Need to have a building torn down to make room for new construction? Redevelopment plans on hold until the site is cleared? A demolition contractor can help remove the obstacles standing in your way. But when shopping around for demolition companies in Calgary, be sure to ask the following questions. You don’t want to find yourself standing in a heap of rubble because your contractor’s service didn’t measure up.

    1. Does the demolition company have a business licence?

    Protect your best interests by only doing business with demolition companies that are operating legally and are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

    2. Is the crew licensed, certified and properly trained?

    Safe and efficient demolition requires skills and training. Be sure that the company you choose is dedicated to ongoing employee training in the latest demolition techniques, technologies and safety regulations.

    3. Have they performed this type of work before?

    Choose only experienced demolition companies, like Prattco Excavating in Calgary, to ensure that the work gets done safely, on time and on budget.

    4. Does the company carry insurance?

    To protect the best interests of all involved, only hire demolition crews that are properly insured to carry out the work.

    5. Do they have references?

    There’s nothing like a glowing reference to make you feel confident you’ve hired the right company for the job. Ask for at least three.

    6. Will they conduct an asbestos inspection?

    It’s essential to have any building that’s set for demolition inspected for materials that may contain asbestos before you start work.

    7. What is the estimated cost and timeline of the project?

    An experienced contractor, based on expertise and past experience should be able to give you a fairly accurate quote for both the cost and timeline of the project. Make sure that you understand exactly what is included in the quote and what isn’t. Ask for specifics.

    8. Is cleanup included in the quote? How will it be handled?

    Get all the details about how clean up is handled post-demolition. Find out exactly what gets cleaned up and what doesn’t so you don’t end up dealing with the mess by yourself.

    9. Is there a cancellation policy?

    Things change. Plans get cancelled. Construction gets postponed. Ask the demolition company if there is a cancellation clause in the contract that protects both of your interests.

    Quality demolition companies like Prattco Excavating will be able answer all of these questions and more. Our demolition contractors are committed to safe, efficient service from start to finish. We have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done right. Choose Prattco for all your excavation, trenching, and demolition needs in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Consider Demolition Renovation in Calgary

    So, you’ve decided to buy a home in Calgary! Maybe it’s your first. Maybe it’s your fourth. Either way there are a lot of factors to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

    For example, do you buy an existing home or build from scratch?

    • A new home has its advantages. Though the initial outlay may be higher for a new home, once you factor in all the repairs, maintenance and renovations you may have to do on an older home that difference can disappear quickly. Chances are a new home will also be much more energy-efficient than an older home; lowering your monthly utility bill and reducing your carbon footprint. And it won’t harbor potential health hazards like asbestos, lead paint and mold. A new home comes with a warranty, and you are almost guaranteed to sell it for a higher price when you decide to move. But best of all, the new home is built exactly to your specifications and budget. It is a pure reflection of you!
    • Buying an existing home has two main advantages: cost and convenience. The initial cost of an existing home is often less than building one from scratch. It can also be more convenient in other ways—simpler buying process; shorter wait to move in and the landscaping is established. But the biggest advantage is you are more likely to find one in the neighborhood of your dreams where bare lots for building a new home are often impossible to come by.

    So, you’ve found an older home for sale in the perfect neighborhood. What do you do? There is a third option—consider demolishing that older house and starting anew! Choosing demolition in Calgary and building from scratch is a great way to enjoy all the advantages of a new home and having it in the neighborhood of your dreams. It’s the best of both worlds!

    Some things to consider before moving ahead with buying an old house for demolition in Calgary:

    • Check the status of the house. Is it protected by a heritage listing? This will greatly limit your options in terms of what you can and can’t do with the house.
    • Perhaps the house is structurally sound and there are parts of it you would like to keep. In this case, you may consider restoring some of the house and demolishing and rebuilding the rest.
    • There’s nothing quite like moving into a brand-new home built exactly according to your specifications and on budget. Having it be in the neighborhood of your dreams is what buying an old house, demolishing it and building a new one can offer you. It’s worth considering!

    Looking for a demolition contractor in Calgary? Give us a call Prattco Excavating. We are one of the best-equipped demolition companies in Calgary for your residential demolition and excavating needs.

    Contact us at Prattco Excavating for a free estimate!

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